Photographer: M. Reus

My name is Stanley van Mil and was born in the 90’s in Oterleek that small village behind the dike.

My passion for making art comes from when I was already in preschool I was always busy crafting , whether it had really become something , I don’t remember any more ! But tinkering was quite an experience for me. Remember when I went through the doors to sell my own Christmas cards or postcards Or walked up to my neighbor and asked if she still had tea bags to do something with them. After my elementary school I went to a practical school because I am more creative with my hands than i am theoretically . Since then I’ve been looking for the right profession, but i don’t know exactly what I wanted to be , after doing a lot of internships I knew it right away. I’m a busy bee who doesn’t like sitting still who always flies from pilliar to¬† post do something.

In February 2014 I left holland I found the creative time to travel once , far away Australia,new zealand,asia , being in these countrys over 4 years were the greatest experience of my life , let’s see if I could get in touch with the real Australians the Aborigines and sure enough after some distant contacts have been made I came into contact with them , what inspired me so much was the art and culture that they are in and certainly the beautiful art that made them dot art ,putting all those little dots on that size I was already sold right away, I thought how is that possible , so big canvas and such small dots , she told me a lot about why and how she made it and that inspired me to make art on canvases too , showing the feeling of your journey is for me my passion on the canvas.


My art techniques are quite varied, with lots of textures and relief i.e. none !

Material canvas or wood .

I like to paint with acrylic because it is quickly dry and then apply the next layer, I like to work with palette knives and brushes , i also like to work with epoxy and crystals which you can see further in the gallery.

I also like to use other materials to form the thicker texture for example beeswax.

Often as soon as there’s an idea! then something else arises, which is surprising.

I can also express my feelings in my paintings,

which is to see in the movements and use of the colors and structure.

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