Photographer: M. Reus

My name is Stanley van Mil and I was born in the 90’s in Oterleek, that small village behind the dyke.

My passion for making art started when I was in preschool and always busy crafting. Was it anything worthwhile? I don’t remember! But tinkering was quite an experience. I remember I went through shop doors to sell my own Christmas and postcards, or walked up to my neighbour to ask if she had any tea bags because I had an idea.

After elementary, I went to a practically-oriented school because people decided I should do something with my hands. Since then I’ve been looking for the right profession. FOUND IT!!! And still busy.

I went to Australia and New Zealand. For four years I spent time with the real Australians, the Aborigines, made contact. I was inspired so much by the art and culture and learned to let go and just express. Big canvas and small dots, swathes of flowing paint; it’s about the journey.


My art techniques are quite varied, with lots of textures and relief (i.e. none).

Materials: canvas and wood.

I like to paint with acrylic because it dries quick, so I can apply the next layer.
Palette knives and brushes, epoxy and crystals, which you can see in the gallery.

One thing leads to the next.


movements, colour, structure.

Click gallery and see the art appear.

Thank you and enjoy!